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Hypnosis: the secret to success

Have you noticed it’s getting harder to reach your goals?

A person’s life doesn’t fall apart all at once; it’s the little compromises, little heartbreaks, and little mistakes that pave the way to decline and overwhelming despair.

A goal or a belief doesn’t fall apart all at once, either. It’s not one thing, but a lot of things that take us slowly to a point where we look around and say, “Oh my God, what happened to my goals?”

But Albert Camus’ words apply: “In the midst of winter, I have found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

We have within us a notion, just like we have it within us a fear, to summon the strength that lies deep within us and decide to rise up or not – depending on our mood.

It’s not what other people are doing but only what we are doing that determines whether our lives are defined by breakdown or breakthrough, decline or rebirth, or by fear or by love.

You are at a point where you have to decide, and to not decide is a decision in and of itself. To think we don’t have to radically change is to foster our failure.

It’s the 11th hour, but it isn’t midnight yet…there’s still time if you learn the power of self-hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). You are not dead yet if you are reading this, yes?

When we are going to change patterns, cycles, or habits, the first action is often to decide that a belief we have is false. Perhaps, we need to get past being fragile.

I recently had a heart procedure. The recovery has been a little more fragile than I expected; the spooky experience of having AFib from time to time. Yet, my own habits from those fears could be more dangerous than the problem.

So, what is the solution? It is to ACT as if the problem is fixable no matter what. This is more challenging at my age than 40 years ago.

Emotional feelings happen when your heart is messed up. It is in some way connected with how the heart and brain work together. Sometimes you have to relearn what feelings and reactions mean. You have to learn to ignore certain fears or reactions to others because those reactions are now physiologically deceptive based on the work during the surgery.

Either way, good habits are healthy and helpful, and bad habits happen because we get the feeling that it doesn’t matter anyway.

The secret to success is to trick ourselves at any age into the absolute belief that it matters.

I exercise. I eat right. I sleep enough. I matter. I allow only helpful, positive people in my life whenever I have a real choice. I like healthy food and drinks. I reject all substances that can harm me. I know I want my mind to work correctly. I will be my best self for me and others. I never use drugs or alcohol to replace relationships or self-forgiveness. I like me, so I will take care of me.

The beliefs listed above are fragile. Those beliefs can be easily shattered unless you maintain them regardless of what has happened to you or what you have done. Techniques in hypnosis and NLP can assist us in the act of forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, and fixating on the right habits daily. We can let go of trauma, and we can define and chase our dreams with better passion. Or, we can be bored, bitter, lonely goofballs who, at the end of our lives, suddenly realize we had a choice the whole time.

Any belief or attitude that moves you away from your health, your best use of resources, is to be rejected fully in favor of those that work. When we don’t know which one will work, look for good examples in people around you. They are somewhere.

Renew your focus and see how far you can go while being easy on yourself. Discover what you can do. It will be amazing, and you don’t even have to be in a hurry.

This is why you might as well pick an interest or discipline and stick to it. The new commodity is your attention. You want to get it and keep it where you really want it.

In a world where technology and AI are the focus and obsession of so many, Master Hypnotist Scott McFall has a different perspective:

“As the online world does irreparable harm to the real-world awareness, relationships, and jobs, the behavioral issues being caused are mind blowing — yet so is the denial. They say follow the money; I say follow the denial. Just because tech people know the code, or the software doesn’t mean they are ahead of you. Pick your passion. Focus on your real dreams. Manage the time you look through a screen. Value your real relationships and how they make you grow. Don’t use digital attention and interest to fill time or you won’t have any time. Real relationships matter, everything else is fake. Your perception and cognition depend on keeping perspective. Respect people over tech, because I assure you tech will not respect you.”

Many people in our industry are turning to online products. That is no longer about the client, it’s about what is convenient for the business. We still believe that in these times of online help for everything, in-person, one-on-one sessions are still the best.


Jay Luck, Master Hypnotist and NLP Consultant, can be reached at 612-868-8177 and online at for on-stage, in-clinic corporate training, and boardroom transformations in 17 states and Canada. We teach, You Do, You Win. We offer free screenings to determine if you’re a good match for hypnosis and even offer which services can guarantee success.

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