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20,000+ clients say it works — It’s your turn for success!

We’re all familiar with the old saying “the proof is in the pudding.” At Wisconsin Hypnosis Center, the “pudding” is more than 20,000 clients shouting their successes from the rooftop.

Jay Luck is a master hypnotist with over 38 years of experience and owns centers in Green Bay, Appleton, and Minneapolis.

As you can see from the countless client testimonials on these pages, there are a number of things that can be addressed with hypnosis, such as quitting smoking, losing weight, and dealing with anxiety. Luck says you don’t have to struggle with these issues anymore.

“Even if you’ve tried almost everything up to this point without success, hypnosis can help you achieve your goals,” he shares. “There are many people caught up in distractions and not living their true purpose. They perpetually repeat the same patterns wondering why things never change.”

Luck says techniques in hypnosis and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) can assist us in the act of forgiving ourselves, forgiving others, and fixating on positive habits. Throughout the process, clients learn how to be happier, healthier, and in control.

“Every single day another client says, ‘You’ve saved my life,’ but I always spin it back to them,” he says. “They learned what to do. We teach, they learn, they win.”



YOU are in control

When one hears the word “hypnosis,” many things can come to mind. Some might immediately think of hypnotists in the entertainment industry who make people do silly and sometimes embarrassing things on stage; however, this is not reality.

“One of the misconceptions out there is that if you go to a hypnotist you’re not in control, which is not true,” says Luck. “I can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. A client just has to want to come in and they have to want to have success.”

During the hypnosis process, Luck says people are taught how to get out of their own way and learn how to be in control of their subconscious mind.

“When you’re learning to change your mind, you’re really hypnotizing yourself to create a different belief that will help you get to your outcome,” he explains. “So, if you think of the law of attraction, it simply means whatever you think about, you’re more likely to attract.”

All hypnosis is self-hypnosis, which means you are in control. Luck is simply the facilitator of your transformation, helping to guide you to success.

“Imagine you can see the best in yourself, succeeding at what you thought you could not,” he says. “Clients are learning to create a belief in a successful outcome and to believe they’re worth it. And when they begin to believe it, the outcome comes quite easily.”



Changing bad habits & achieving success

Luck explains that by engineering our minds to focus on positive habits, patterns, and beliefs, we are able to essentially remove the old ones.

“Good habits are healthy and helpful, and bad habits happen because we get the feeling that it doesn’t matter anyway,” he says. “The secret to success is to trick ourselves at any age into the absolute belief that it matters.”

A person’s past can affect many aspects of their life and future if they allow it to happen. Luck suggests to think of the past simply as feedback. We have all dealt with negative things in our lives, but if we look at it as feedback, we can better address what happened and learn from it.

This can apply to one’s success in accomplishing their goals, as well.

“If a person doesn’t think they can achieve a goal because of some previous belief or failure, they won’t even try,” he says. “So, I teach clients to recognize that these habits, patterns, and beliefs are in the way and then basically rewrite them.”

Luck says the techniques a client learns when attending hypnosis sessions can cause a ripple effect and lead to other positive changes throughout the rest of their lives.

“Picture yourself five years from now. What do you want to see?” he asks. “I’m teaching my clients to believe in that goal to the point when the belief in it is so strong there’s no problem getting there.”


In addition to Luck’s one-on-one hypnosis work, he also does keynote speaking, leads corporate events and wellness programs, and holds in-depth, 3-day group hypnosis workshops called “Perceptioneering.”

“Perceptioneering really blows people away,” he says. “Being stuck with bad habits is painful. Successful outcomes with Perceptioneering and guided self-hypnosis are easy.”

Luck explains the Perceptioneering class takes the best of hypnosis and NLP techniques and teaches attendees how to read people and perceive what’s happening. Since most of us suffer from false perceptions, Luck says Perceptioneering begins with the evaluation of self.

“Perceptioneering is the ability to think critically, knowing what information to discard or accept,” he explains. “Your personal performance will improve because you will possess the skill to remove the false attitudes, beliefs, and perceptions that obstruct success.”

This program can benefit anyone who wants to learn how to communicate more deeply and effectively, such as healthcare professionals, business executives, and more.



Take the first step & see for yourself

Luck says it’s common for people to be skeptical of hypnosis, even during the first session. He’s had many clients who have come to him years later and say, “I didn’t believe it would work, but look at me now!”

For those of you who are curious about the hypnosis process, Luck offers free group workshops each month at his Appleton and Green Bay locations.

During these one-hour sessions, Luck teaches hypnosis techniques, strategies, and skills to the group. And because these are workshops, not lectures, the group works together and learns from each other. Topics discussed could include breaking habits, improving communication skills, interrupting patterns, and many others.

In addition to these workshops, Luck also offers a free screening to see if you’re a good candidate for hypnosis and a service guarantee for as long as he’s in business.

“You are at a point where you have to decide, and to not decide is a decision in and of itself,” he says. “You can continue to do what you’re doing and have another year like last year, or you can change it now.”

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