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Farm Fresh Xpress is literally “farm to table”, bringing locally-sourced items directly to your door. It is an online farmer’s market where Wisconsin farmers and artisans pack up your specific order, which is delivered right to your home every week. This means your family always receives fresh, high-quality food — and you know exactly where it comes from.

There is organic produce, meats, cheeses, oils, spices, soup mixes, hummus, microgreens, flowers, and so much more. Plus, Farm Fresh Xpress is not a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) where the box of food is selected for you, so you can choose exactly the products you need every time.

And don’t worry about the outrageous fees with the other food and grocery delivery services — delivery with Farm Fresh Xpress only costs $6.99 for orders under $75. There are also subscription options, free delivery weeks, no contracts, and many other perks.

Dyan Black, William Wood, and the other Farm Fresh Xpress employees move quickly. When customers place their orders online by Wednesday night at 10pm, all deliveries are completed the very next Friday — from Door County all the way down to Milwaukee’s lakeshore.

“I’ll tally the orders Wednesday night, send it to the farmers, and they are literally picking the produce that very next morning at their farms,” says William. “You can’t beat that freshness and quality.”

Then, on Thursdays, Dyan says they are picking up the product from the farms, packing it up, and ready for deliveries the very next day.

“The produce comes in fresh from the farms Thursday, the flowers are picked Thursday morning, and the bread is picked up from the bakery Friday morning and is usually still warm,” says Dyan. “We feel like our vendors and customers have become our friends — chances are you’ll have the same delivery person every week.”

Where they pack up the orders for transport is at the American Legion in Wrightstown, which was chosen for very important reasons. Not only is William the commander at that location, but two of the Farm Fresh Xpress delivery drivers are Veterans, as well.

“If that site wasn’t being used, it would have a hard time paying its bills after struggling the past few years,” he says. “Us renting the space helps the American Legion hold monthly meetings for various community groups along with providing scholarships to students within the community.”

Supporting local vendors

In addition to supporting local Veterans, customers of Farm Fresh Xpress are supporting farmers and vendors right here in our community.

One of these farmers is Lennie Nowakowski, owner of Polish Ponderosa Farm just outside of Berlin. Starting out with beef cattle and chickens, Lennie transitioned to raising buffalo, as well, and now has 130 buffalo on his farm.

“The quality of meat we produce is directly related to the way we raise the animals,” says Lennie. “Our buffalo are grass-fed, pasture-raised, and we never use antibiotics.”

The buffalo products Polish Ponderosa Farm sells include ground buffalo, buffalo patties, different steaks, garlic sausage, cranberry sausage, snack sticks, and so much more.

Polish Ponderosa also has an on-farm store, and Lennie welcomes you to come take a look at how the buffalo are being raised.

“I enjoy educating customers on the different products we sell and teaching them of the benefits of grass-fed versus corn-fed,” he says.

Lennie also explains there is a big disconnect between farms and the public, which is why he’s grateful for Farm Fresh Xpress for helping to get the word out.

Two Guernsey Girls Creamery in Freedom is another farm that uses Farm Fresh Xpress to connect with local customers in our community.

“They are helping to move and deliver our product, which takes things off our plate and creates less stress for us,” Licensed Wisconsin Cheesemaker Tammy Fritsch says. “This helps get our name out there more, too.”

The special thing about Two Guernsey Girls’ cows is they are bred to produce homogenous A2A2 milk proteins, which helps people break down dairy products during digestion much more easily than A1 milk products.

The farm sells white and chocolate milk year-round in a variety of sizes, as well as specialty milks, such as egg nog and strawberry, seasonally. There are also cheese curds and block cheese available for purchase.

Ease & quality for your family

The vendors appreciate how Farm Fresh Xpress can connect their passion for homegrown and quality produce with customers throughout Wisconsin, and customers who shop on the website certainly value how it can provide locally-grown items directly to their door within days of ordering.

Appleton resident Kimberly Stoeger, an ongoing customer of Farm Fresh Xpress, says she loves supporting local farmers and artisans, as well as the seamless ordering process.

“Their online ordering system makes our weekly grocery shopping easy for the family,” says Kimberly. “We enjoy getting the pre-cut organic veggies to save us on meal prep for the week.”

She also raves about the quality and accessibility of produce available.

“I love referring my nutrition clients to Farm Fresh Xpress for organic and whole food options to educate them on how easy healthy eating can be,” Kimberly says.

Tsupport local farmers and artisans right here in Wisconsin and have the best quality items delivered directly to your home, visit today.

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