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By Erin Hunsader

“That it’s not really about the equipment or the choice of exercise, it’s about the people you surround yourself with when trying to commit to a workout routine,” said Brian Gajeski, owner of Bode gym in Howard, WI. “I can’t say that enough. It’s about having someone to go side by side with you,” he said.
Gajeski said it’s the kind of environment people put themselves in that keeps them walking through the gym doors, or not. He also said the road to getting healthier doesn’t start with how you look in the mirror, but how you feel about yourself mentally.
“99-percent of changing your lifestyle and heading into the New Year is all mental and surrounding yourself with positive people.”
He recognized that often people feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to start with their fitness goals. He said the first step is just walking through the gym doors.
“It’s like, ‘hey I don’t really know where to start.’ The hardest thing to do is walk through those doors, but once you do, you’ll meet people who are going to be super inclusive, who are going to walk side-by-side with you. I think as far as those fears, having them is normal and natural,” said Gajeski.
He also said that the type of workout you chose to do can also help keep you commit to continuing to do it.
“I think functional training and using equipment that is diverse, meaning, just where people place their feet is going to change the amount of difficulty and keep things interesting for people. Or the progression of the exercise or the resistance they chose.” He said.
He reiterates the importance of focusing on positive mental health first, which workouts so often help with.
“When you feel good about yourself mentally, great results will come from that,” he said.

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