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Glide into the New Year at Lake Park Fitness in Menasha

New in 2022” ... Precision Nutrition Coaching. This program not only addresses nutritional science, but also behavior modifications to help people successfully implement changes to their nutrition intake. Precision Nutrition recognizes there is no one way or right way to eat, the goal is to help clients learn and understand how to make realistic and lasting changes that will lead to a whole-person and whole-life approach to food. Nutrition Counseling can be a stand-alone program or in conjunction with personal training.

It’s January and the hustle and bustle of the holidays are behind us. There’s a familiar feeling of no more treats and getting back to a routine. But instead of making resolutions only to fall off a few weeks or months later, what if you found yourself at a place that would help you create a workout routine that was anything but routine? What if 2022 was the year you could glide into a fitness routine that you looked forward to because it was fun and transformed your goals to be sustainable. At Lake Park Swim & Fitness in Menasha, Owners Megan Collins, Jane Dias and Felicia Christianson have built a health club on everything that sets them apart from other gyms. Sure Lake Park has a weight room and cardio equipment, but it’s the consistent service, dedicated staff who uphold the mission statement of “Inform-Connect-Inspire”, knowing members names, personal training, free group fitness classes, and unique offerings like barre fitness, TRX, yoga, Glide Fit and nutrition counseling that keep members happy and coming through the front doors.
For the past 13 years, the focus at Lake Park Swim & Fitness has been on the members and the mission statement “Inform-Connect-Inspire” is embraced by not only the Owners, but all 52 staff members. Whether you are talking with member services, a trainer, a group fitness instructor, housekeeping, maintenance or the management team you can be assured someone is helping to ensure you feel comfortable and succeed in reaching your health and fitness goals. Information about all that is available to members and is shared on a personal tour of the Club prior to joining, then a 3 day pass is given so people can work out, take classes, swim in the pool, and use the complimentary amenities. Then after joining, each new member is given a complimentary new member orientation to the cardio and weight room with an experienced and certified personal trainer. “By sharing information and allowing people to try us, they realize they really do belong here. They feel connected and inspired because we took the time to get to know them.”
In addition to training and classes, Lake Park Swim & Fitness has an amazing aquatic center – a true oasis especially during winter in Wisconsin. Not only can you lap swim, water walk or take aqua classes, but you can glide into a new you by taking Glide Fit sessions. Collins emphasizes
“Everything we do in life takes balance, from sitting in a chair to walking in the park to complex movements like biking or skiing. As we age, more emphasis needs to be put on improved balance and core strength”
Aquatic stability training is a new way to train your body to improve all aspects of your physical wellness. Glide Fit is the leader of this new fitness movement and we are excited to offer our members a new challenge to improve balance, core strength and stability in our beautiful pool. Glide Fit is fee-based for 5 people and training sessions are designed for all ages and abilities. Work outs on the board can be enhanced with the use of handled rubber tubes for strength work or rubber balls for fun interactive balance games. “So we’re taking someone from a stable environment of the studio or weight room to an unstable environment of Glide Fit, which really engages so many more muscles,
“Standing, squatting, planking, sitting, jumping… the class is structured, and motivating and the hour flies by because it’s so fun!” Says Dias
Lake Park Swim & Fitness truly has something for everyone. Some prefer scheduled time with a certified trainer for the accountability and structured challenge. Fee-based individual or partner training is available to members and non-members. Small group fee-based training, which is groups of 5 –15, includes GlideFit and LevelUp Bootcamps. Finally, membership includes 70 group fitness classes weekly that members participate in and include such classes as Les Mills Body Pump, Body Attack, Body Flow, RPM and Core, as well as TRX, yoga, aqua, Zumba, aqua Zumba, barre fitness, and tabata. Training and group fitness at Lake Park are key to members feeling connected and inspired.
“Not only do our members get fun, unique and challenging workouts but they are also meeting new people, making friends and gaining support along their fitness journey. The connections our members make with each other and our staff members exist well beyond the walls of this Club.”
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We Invite You to Join Us! We are grateful for the group of professional and experienced staff who has worked beside us for the past 13 years to serve the Fox Valley community. It has been exciting to watch so many transformations over the years and the lifelong friendships created between members and staff – we are so much more than a health club. We invite you to come and experience why Lake Park Swim & Fitness is the fastest growing privately owned health club in the Fox Valley. Stop in or call us for tour and a complimentary 3 day pass to experience the difference. You belong here!

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