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Alter your skewed perception

There are many people caught up in distractions and not living their true purpose. They struggle to cope with personalities and relationships so much so that their own life suffers. They perpetually repeat the same patterns wondering why things never change.

Why is this? A skewed perception.

Imagine if you could see the best in yourself, succeeding at what you thought you could not. By engineering our minds to focus on positive habits, patterns, and beliefs, we are able to essentially remove the previous bad habits.

During the hypnosis process, people are taught how to get out of their way and learn how to be in control of their own subconscious mind. To do so, people must go through the “steps of change” process. It sounds daunting, but it’s quite easy when using the technique of hypnosis.

The steps consist of five levels the client works through before breakthroughs can be made. The first step is to finally admit they have a problem or bad habit they want to work on.

To take the hypnosis process further and have more in-depth experiences, try a hypnosis workshop!

If you want better direction and success in your career or less stress and more enjoyment out of life, hypnosis workshops may be able to help. You may look up more, breathe deeper, and step confidently into the new natural.

Some things that are addressed at hypnosis workshops may include:

  • Five ways body is influenced by thought
  • Components of sustainable change
  • Goal direction
  • Four instant behavior transformers
  • Identifying false perceptions

Even if you’ve tried almost everything up to this point without success, hypnosis can help you achieve your goals. Change your bad habits today!

Jay Luck, Master Hypnotist and NLP Consultant, can be reached at 612-868-8177 and online at for on-stage, in-clinic corporate training, and boardroom transformations in 17 states and Canada. We teach our clients: They Do, They Win. We offer free screenings to determine if you’re a good match for hypnosis and even offer which services can guarantee success. Four times a year, we offer amazing classes for students or clients who want to add this as an additional skill in their current career or to become hypnotists. Some classes are designed for marketing professionals and salespeople to increase their skills and their relatedness to their clients. We call this class “Perceptioneering”, and it teaches students to be able to read others more effectively than ever.

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