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Aurora’s Apothecary Herbal Intensive Course

Let's learn about herbs!

Have you been wanting to learn about herbs and have a fun and exciting time while doing it? Maybe how to use them to make traditional herbal remedies to keep you and your family healthy? Well, I have just the class for you! Our Herbal Intensive Apprenticeship course!

When diving into the world of herbs it can be very overwhelming. The plant world is vast and there’s so much to learn. I was once in your shoes, wanting to get back to natural healing.

I have developed this class over the last 10 years with the beginner in mind. When we start learning about herbs we just want to learn more and more, but the brain can only handle so much information, especially in this modern day where we are bombarded with info everywhere we look.

In this class I give you a limit of 10 herbs. These are herbs of your choosing. Many people choose the plants (weeds) that commonly grow around them that they have access to in their daily lives and some cultivated ones that are easy to grow. Other students pick exotic ones or culinary ones that can double as medicinal. This is YOUR class, and YOU get to pick the herbs that you want to start with in your journey into the world of herbs. Most herbs do more than one thing to the body so it’s easy to pick out 10 herbs and have a plethora of ailments be covered by your chosen herbs.

In your first class I will start you off with a slide show of over 60 herb plants and little bits about them as to open your eyes to all the possibilities, then we start at the beginning, Botany. You will learn all the parts of the plant so that you can use a key to figure out what any plant is, then we will go into horticulture so that you can understand how plants grow and how to grow the ones that you have picked out.

From there we learn about the body’s systems and what herbs help with each of the health issues that go with them.

Anybody can go online and learn about herbal remedies. What sets us apart is our hands-on approach. You will get to see what the fresh plant looks, feels, smells and tastes like. Where it grows in its natural habitat, and then learn how to harvest all parts of the medicinal plants. We will use these plants to learn the making of different herbal remedies. In our herbal tea class, you will get to try many different tastes of plants from all over the world. From there we learn to infuse herbs into oils which we then turn into salves and balms.

When the weather starts to warm up, we will go out in the wild and explore different natural and cultivated areas and experience each plant up close, we will also learn about wild food foraging.

So join me, Aurora Adlebush, every other Tuesday for some great herbal knowledge with like-minded individuals and let’s learn some life skills in this changing new world.

For all the details, check out our website and register for your spot today! Limited spots available.


Melissa Aurora Adlebush is the president of the Fox Valley Herb Society, and was the champion of plant identification in 2004. She studied Botany and Ethnobotany at Northland College, Ashland. She teaches many classes all over the state. Melissa is Herbalist and Owner of Aurora’s Apothecary where she grows most of the herbs that are put into their products. Aurora’s Apothecary can be found in Green Bay, Appleton, and Fish Creek-Door County.

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