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with the personalized care from the functional medicine team at Nutritional Healing, LLC

Low energy, weight gain, digestive issues, and more – so many of us think these symptoms are just common occurrences or normal parts of getting older, but the team at Nutritional Healing, LLC in Appleton says this is not how you have you live.

Owner and Clinical Nutritionist Kimberly Stoeger, MS, wants to help you find answers to all your health issues and give you your power back.

Since the business began in 2010, Kim has been empowering clients to get to the root cause or causes of their health struggles. “People come to me and say ‘I just think my hormones or thyroid are off ’, but that’s not a root cause, that’s just a red flag,” she says. “Your body’s check engine light is on saying something is wrong, but we need to figure out why.”

And how the team figures out the root cause is through functional medicine, a science-based and patient-centered approach that focuses on the individual.

Office Manager and Wellness Account Executive Brooke Knowles says a personalized approach is imperative because no two cases are the same. “Every person’s story is so different and how their health has gotten to that point is different, so how we treat each individual needs to mirror that as well,” says Brooke. “That’s why you have to figure out the root cause, because it looks completely different for each individual.”

The team at Nutritional Healing stresses the importance of being proactive instead of reactive when it comes to your health.

“If you don’t have your health, you don’t have anything. So what in your environment that you are controlling can you reel in and can be proactive about?” says Kim. “I want people to know that diagnosis is not destiny. We can help you.”


Your health journey is unique

The first step in figuring out the root cause of someone’s symptoms is to have them sit down with Kim or Brooke for a free, hour-long consultation.

“We go through a very extensive health history because we are trying to piece together what have they found out already, what have they tried, what has worked, what hasn’t worked, what medications they’re on, and get an idea in place,” says Brooke.

Some of the specialized diagnostic tests that Nutritional Healing offers include:
• Gut health testing
• Cardio Metabolic testing
• Food sensitivity testing
• Hormone testing
• Toxin burden testing
• Vitamin and mineral testing
• Body composition testing

Brooke says that everything they learn about a client’s history and lifestyle, along with the testing results, helps to build a complete picture of the person’s health.

“Whenever I’m talking with someone, I always say ‘we’re going to be your detectives and figure out what’s going on’, and then we work as a team to do it,” she says. “We do a deep dive for you specifically. We work to treat you. And that’s why we’ve been so successful in getting positive outcomes for our clients.”

Kim says the process of getting to the root cause is like peeling back the layers of an onion, and the team has uncovered some remarkable things over the years.

“We have so many doctors that refer to us now, which has always been my dream, just to be recognized that I’m complementing what you’re doing,” she says. “We’re not replacing what your doctor is doing. The models are just different, and we have time here to really dig into the lifestyle piece.”

In addition to their diligent “detective work”, Kim credits her team’s success to their empathetic nature and the ability to connect with clients.

“What makes the team really good at what they do is their skills and their talent of understanding the psychological piece of people and mirroring communication styles,” she says. “Sometimes people will come in not to talk about food at all and just want to be heard. And we’ll always listen.”


Your gut is running the show

When you think of “gut problems” most of us envision digestive issues, upset stomach, and heartburn, but Brooke says it can also look like hot flashes, hair loss, and skin issues.

“Our whole philosophy here is that food is our first line of therapy and medicine for the body,” says Brooke. “Sometimes though, depending upon what we see in our gut panel, such as pathogenic infection or overgrowth, healthy eating itself is not going to get rid of that.”

The team at Nutritional Healing will conduct in-depth functional lab testing to determine if there might be other interventions they need to consider.

“We’ve had some instances where people do mold testing in their house and have someone come in to have it eradicated,” Brooke says. “Some people have also changed bath products, beauty products, and what they’re using for household cleaners.”

Kim says so many of the symptoms or health concerns people express are actually connected to gut health.

“Your gut tissue actually starts in the throat and goes all the way down to the colon. There’s a surface area the size of a tennis court inside your gut if you actually spread it all out,” she says. “And if you think of how large that is and how compromised it could be, as well as how that cross-contamination affects your whole body, it’s no wonder why people don’t feel well.”

And if you think you’re safely managing or correcting gut issues just because you’re taking a probiotic, think again.

“A lot of doctors are going to recommend probiotics, but what the strains of bacteria are doing in your body is all going to be different based on your gut microbiome,” says Brooke. “Some probiotics that people are taking over the counter probably aren’t doing anything, but then other probiotics can actually make the condition even worse.”

This is why the clinical testing performed at Nutritional Healing is so important.

“We always say ‘your results are invaluable’,” Brooke says. “Because figuring out what’s actually going on so you can properly treat it versus just trying things here and there is huge.”


Ditch the diets

Getting healthier inside and out is about so much more than weight loss; however, between the new fad diets you constantly hear about online and the food industry’s powerful marketing tactics, it’s difficult to know what to trust.

“The world we live in is just so focused on the low-cal, low-fat, keto, whatever. Your diet shouldn’t have a name.
Don’t even call it the Nutritional Healing diet. Diet means there’s an endpoint,” says Kim. “This is a semester of nutrition for you, and you’re going to figure it out.”

The counselors have a much more in-depth, long-term approach when it comes to incorporating the proper nutrition into your life.

“It’s about healing your body and getting to where your health should be,” says Brooke. “Then weight loss can just be a happy side effect.”

Brooke says the programs are about education and nutrition, but the focus is what’s going to be best for you based on body composition, test results, and sustainability in your life.

“When we’re going through developing a menu plan, it’s not just ‘here, eat off this list’. We want your input,” says Brooke. “I want somebody to leave here knowing the plan they have come up with is something they’re actually going to do when they leave here. It’s not something that they’ve just been told and they follow it for a short period of time.”

The counselors will help give you the tools to maintain this lifestyle for the rest of your life, not just throughout the program. That way, if you fall off track a bit, you’ll know how to correct it
instead of just giving up.

They will also teach you that even though holidays, special events, and vacations are always going to be a part of life, it doesn’t mean you’re inevitably going to fail on your health journey. It’s all about feeling empowered and prepared to make healthier choices during those times.

“We’re trying to fix the excuses and the things that people think are roadblocks. Your life doesn’t have to stop because you’re doing a program,” says Kim. “They always say ‘choose your hard’. Being sick is hard and change is hard, but which one is worse? Think about how far ahead you’re going to be if you
start now versus starting later.”

The clients and success stories of Nutritional Healing say it all.

“Our clients are walking testimonials of health and vitality,” Kim says. “You can just see it on their faces and the sparkle in their eyes. They feel like themselves again..”

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