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Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op

Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op is your source for organically grown herbs and spices, sourced from small local farms whenever possible. We are intentionally moving from sourcing herbs from large companies which purchase and redistribute herbs from around the world, to growing and freeze drying our own herbs as much as possible.
We partner with local growers who really know herbs, what they need to grow well, and when and how to harvest them. Once harvested, they go into state-certified freeze driers to preserve the herbs as freshly as possible.
You will notice the difference when you compare one of our herbs and one that has been dehydrated — especially in high heat dehydrators. The appearance is as close to fresh as you can get, as is the aroma and the flavor. We believe this comes through in our teas, which we create and blend in small batches, using these freeze-dried herbs whenever possible.
Because of this, we are very excited to be launching two new programs: our Tea of the Month Club, and our quarterly Equinox Boxes.
With the Tea of the Month Club, you receive a select bag of an herbal blend chosen specially each month, with a brief explanation of the herbs in the blend and why they are being used. You will also receive a small “surprise” each month for you to enjoy.
The Club is available in three, six or 12-month packages.
We are especially thrilled to announce our Equinox Boxes! Most herbalists feel a connection to the solstices and equinoxes, as they are related to the growth cycle of plants.
The Autumnal Equinox, for example, is linked to the harvest and the abundance of the earth. Our Autumnal Equinox Box celebrates herbs and fruits from the harvest, and includes our Fall Bonfire, Autumn’s Calling and Gingerade herbal blends, along with your choice of a pint of local honey or maple syrup and a dozen cookies (or frozen cookie dough which you can bake when you desire, if you’re local).
Midwinter, also known as Yule or Winter Solstice, signifies the longest night of the year, and recognizes the return of the sun — reminding us of the return of the growing season. However, it also equates to a period of rest for the earth, for those who tend to her, and for most plants that we eat.
Our Winter Solstice Box (pictured above) includes our Winter Repose, Winter Solstice and Snowy Evening herbal blends, along with your choice of a pint of local honey or maple syrup, and a dozen cookies (or frozen cookie dough). There are also some herbal and self-care add-ons you can choose to add to each of your Equinox boxes.
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Finally, at Sweet Willow we are interested in finding ways to support others in maintaining and improving their own health. This includes using herbs as foods, as well as teas and other medicinal products.
One of our concerns is some of the extraordinary and often unsubstantiated claims that are often made about herbs — both as “cures” and as “dangerous”. Our clinical herbalist can help you understand available information, and she takes this role quite seriously.
You won’t find hype at Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op; we would rather teach you how to grow your own herbs and identify different ways to use them — rather than trying to sell you the “latest and greatest” fad.
We invite you to stop in, try some tea and food, and become part of the Sweet Willow family!

Sweet Willow Herbal Co-Op
327 Main Ave., Ste B, West De Pere • 920-632-4696
Instagram: @sweetwillowwellness

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