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Achieving goals through maintaining energy fields

By Jay Luck

There is no shortage of people out there telling you what to do and how to think, feel and behave.
You might be full of deep resentment about those people telling you what to do and reminding you of their expectations.
The antidote for solving this problem is a self-hypnotized, subconscious one. You can learn to increase your vibrations from the low range of resentment, hate and anger to the higher range of kindness, love and forgiveness.
Then, powerfully, you can work toward achieving those formerly elusive goals.
The moment you no longer react with that low vibration, the quicker problems will disappear and solutions will be obvious.
A client used to get so mad when his wife would tell him what to do, and he didn’t like it and was full of resentment. If you insist on being right, your partner will argue and your problems will persist.
If you simply practice being kind, very likely your appreciation of yourself and the other person will change. The mood changes the vibration so getting along becomes easier, solutions more clear and you gain a better understanding of each other’s feelings.
Imagine using the same strategy with yourself when you’re full of judgment, just like that saying, “I am my own worst critic.”
When you always have to be right, you stay invested in anger, hate and painful conversations with yourself or others. In a world of low energy, practice being kind to others and yourself, and doors will open and opportunities will abound.
Energy fields and their power
Now I’ll break down three energy fields — or as we say in the field of hypnosis, three subconscious modalities — and how to keep them powerful.
1. The immediate energy field or subconscious mood, which I also refer to as etheric or faster.
Imagine a standing position: bring your arms forward and mentally notice the most distant point where your fingers extend. Now imagine your arm extending straight above your head to a point over your body, and then behind you and beneath you as well.
Now you have an image of a field of energy which continuously surrounds your body. This is your fast-energy body, which is inseparable from your solid invisible slower-energy body or subconscious.
Notice this area. Its edges are the boundaries around you. When another person or stranger crosses your boundary, you immediately feel as if you’ve been invaded; you move back to create a safer distance.
Why? Because your energy body feels the invasive force, an alert you are in the state of discomfort. If someone remains in your energy for an extended period of time, they begin to affect your mood positive or negatively, bringing you down or bringing you up.
2. Your broader energy field is an environmental energy field, or subconscious awareness and pattern.
This extends into your home, workplace, family and community.
A subconscious pattern, this energy field is your broader environmental energy field in which your solid body walks and talks and sleeps and works.
It is impacted subconsciously by the energy frequency, subconscious patterns, habits and beliefs of whoever enters it.
3. Your mine field energy, or subpatterns. Your subconscious mood increases or decreases depending on noise levels, what you eat and how you physically move.
Through the power of self-hypnosis, you can keep your energy clean and uncontaminated. A powerful energy makes top-level atheletes and successful people with high energy in relationships, heath and finances.
Individual or group hypnosis sessions can teach you haw to achieve these levels and achieve your greatset goals. n

Jay Luck is a master hypnosis trainer, author and public speaker. Additional information is available on his website at Those interested can get a free, in-clinic screening to determine if guided self hypnosis is a match for them. You may choose private sessions online or in-person classes, workshops or mentorships.

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