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Time management tips for single moms

Being a single mom can be challenging — especially for women who also are trying to juggle a career.

According to the single mother resource The Life of a Single Mom, there are more than 15 million single moms living in the United States. Statista reported that there were nearly 1.2 million single moms in Canada in 2018. Even though many employers, friends and family members are supportive of single working moms, the challenges such women face are numerous. The mental health resource The Mind Journal reports that single parents, specifically single mothers, experience greater psychological stress and higher rates of depression than women in two-parent households.

Single mothers often must lift themselves up and discover ways to manage all on their own. These tips may help single mothers not only survive but thrive as they seek out balance.

Form a support system

Single mothers may not have spouses to rely on, but they can commit to building a solid support system of friends and family members, even neighbors, for those times when they need help. Never refuse help if it’s offered with good intentions.

Prioritize organization

Figure out an organizational system that works for you and put it into effect. Utilize a calendar on which you jot down tasks and appointments or the notes app on your smartphone to stay organized. Check your schedule at the start of each week to see if you need to reach out to your support system for help at any time in the coming days.

List your achievements

It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by what you didn’t accomplish, but why not shift focus to what you achieved? This can include all the mundane tasks (that second load of laundry) to the exceptional (you scored a new client). Count your successes, as they can continue to provide motivation.

Stick to a budget

Single moms may struggle with finances as a good percentage earn less than the average two-income family. Ask for help analyzing your income and spending patterns to find ways to stretch your money further. Make lists and do not shop on a whim. Explore all moneysaving tips, including clipping coupons or only shopping sale items. If eligible, explore assistance programs to help you get by.

Do what you can the night before

Lay out clothes, prepare lunches and chop and dice foods for the next evening’s dinner so you can free up more time during the day to spend with the kids. And don’t forget to get adequate rest so you’ll have the energy to face the day.

Single moms can explore many strategies to find balance in their lives.

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