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Fall into a new, indoor fitness routine

Fall is right around the corner and it is my favorite time of the year. The season is enchanting. The trees will turn brilliant colors, Halloween is soon approaching, seasonal drinks are warming up and I also get to celebrate a September birthday.

The weather is full of chilly nights when it feels good to just stay in bed for a few extra minutes. Once the daylight hours get shorter, you’ll want to tuck yourself away at home earlier and earlier. I am not a hermit, but being able to relax with a comfy blanket in front of the fireplace at night is the best.

This time of year, things start to calm down and we can take a break from the constant events that seem to take up summer weekends. I like the events, however by the end of summer, I am ready to focus on me again and not where I need to be. Not to mention, the weather isn’t so hot and humid—sorry summer lovers.

In Autumn we can do so much more because the weather isn’t as exhausting as summer heat. I want to be outside and active more often because I don’t get overheated. The fall also brings cool winds, which help me sleep and feel rested and exhilarated with cool winds.

I get very amped about this time of year, but what is one to do with all this energy? I do what we are meant to do—move our bodies! I nourish my body with good food and love it with exercise. Even on the days I am feeling a little less than motivated, I respect myself and honor my body’s needs the best I can. It may seem intimate and personal, but I am okay with listening to my body’s needs as I am intense and passionate about my wellbeing.

Stay active, even indoors

Before getting caught in a winter slump, I try and be proactive. When it comes down to it, attitude matters. Whatever story we constantly tell ourselves, we believe it. You need to advocate for yourself, because in the end you will either be your biggest supporter or your biggest hurdle. Let your journey be full of support. The easiest step I take when in need of a recharge is work out in a positive environment. By doing so, I am able to mend my ambition and determination, despite the weather.

During the fall, it’s normal to head indoors. You want to find a warm and comfortable place, but that doesn’t mean you can’t move around. Finding a comfortable place to dance, stretch, glide on a pool or even hang from the ceiling using silk or hammock is key to making the most of your time indoors.

While it’s easy to be indecisive and over-think your fitness situation — from changing the radio 100 different times when you work out to never quite finding the most comfortable spot to stretch out — variety is necessary to a healthy and exciting lifestyle. One week this fall you could focus on your meditation skills and the next you could learn to pool dance with a group of close friends.

Being stuck inside (thanks Wisconsin winter!) is a perfect opportunity to learn new ways to increase flexibility, strength, dance flow and conditioning skills inside of a welcoming and warm studio environment.

Amber Gravunder is an instructor at Aerial Dance. With locations in Appleton and Green Bay, Aerial Dance offers a sanctuary for women with a playground including Pole, Hoop, Hammock, Silks. For more information go to or call 920-750-1441.

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