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Wondering if you can be hypnotized?

We have had so many inquires in the last few months with doctor referrals and the general stress we are all experiencing. What issue are you trying to solve? How long has this issue been a problem for you?

Imagine what life will be like to be free of your bad habits now. Instead of your subconscious being in control of you, be hypnotized and imagine a life with you in control of your subconscious.

Only three kinds of people cannot be hypnotized: someone on psychotic drugs, someone who is stupid or someone who does not want to be.

There are three levels of being hypnotizable:

1. High hypnotic capacity
You have some good potential to use hypnosis as a tool or training to help you accomplish some changes in your life.

You are the type of person who can most easily enter into hypnotic trance. There are not many mental or emotional distractions going on in your brain, and your imagination is quite vivid. Since focus and relaxation are key parts to a successful hypnosis experience, you will have an easy time slipping into your “right brain” of emotion, imagination and your unconscious mind. Enjoy the trip!

With this high level of skill, you might consider the idea that your calm, relaxed state of mind is the best place to be if you can attain it. The trick is to keep yourself in that state of relaxation. Doing that will improve your perspective, reduce your stress and open up your creativity. Your relationships should be better with you more relaxed and feeling more confident. Have you noticed that most insecure people are tense, while most confident people seem relaxed? You will develop your creativity by using your imagination skills more often.

2. Mid-range hypnotic capacity

You have some good potential to use hypnosis as a tool or training to help you accomplish some changes in your life.

All it takes for you to enjoy 100% of the hypnosis experience is to RELAX! When your mind is preoccupied with what you need at the store, or how the meeting will go tomorrow, your focus is off and that will affect your experience. Hypnosis is something best entered into with 100% concentration so your imagination can take flight and engage completely. Your analytical, logic-based, detail oriented left brain needs to be turned off.

You can’t do two things at once, so if you want a great time in hypnosis, turn off that busy left brain! You might try meditation to increase your internal awareness and to get better at calming yourself at will. Control over your level of relaxation and mental focus is the skill you need to become better at implementing.

3. Low hypnotic capacity

Don’t worry, if you truly want to fully experience hypnosis, you can. Learning hypnosis is like learning any skill. For you, it will just take a little more practice. Often people have more relaxation and focus ability than they realize—you’re just not used to having your awareness on it. Hypnosis is so easy a 5 year old can do it—you will need to give up control a little bit, put a little more effort and concentration on imagining what you hear and be sincere about following the suggestions. This is not the time to be a control freak. Relax and you will soon be good at this. Just the fact that you’re curious means you are open to new things, and that’s a great start.

You can start to destress and loosen up with purposefully and slowly relaxing your body (start with your feet, all the way to your head), then in a playful, curious way, pretend your thoughts drift out of your mind for a while as you become more and more tranquil. Perhaps listen to some peaceful music as you do these exercises. These simple relaxation techniques are the stepping stones to clearing the emotional and physical clutter so you can be undistracted when you’re hypnotized. Then it’s just a matter of imagining what you hear. Simple!

Wisconsin Hypnosis Center offers a free screening online or in any of our clinics to see if you are a good candidate for our program. You will see thousands of testimonials in writing and video where people just like you thought they could not get the outcomes they wanted before getting the outcomes with our program. For more information, visit Jay Luck, Master Hypnotist and Trainer, 612-868-8177, [email protected].

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