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Shake up a stale workout

Eating less and moving more are the hallmarks of many fitness regimens, especially those designed for people who want to lose weight. Maintaining a healthy weight can help reduce risk factors for many illnesses, making weight loss a worthy goal for those who can afford to shed a few pounds.

While people have good intentions when designing their exercise regimens, over time hitting the treadmill or doing a weight circuit can lose its appeal. When exercise routines become stale, people may be put off from doing something that is essential to their overall health. Routinely switching things up can keep workouts fresh and exciting.

Try a trendy workout

Experiment with a new fitness trend to see if you like it. Start by talking with a personal trainer or group exercise captain at your fitness center. Chances are they’ve already implemented novel workouts for their clients and they can walk you through some of the offerings. So whether it’s barre classes that make you feel like a prima ballerina or renegade rowing to emulate a crew team, new exercises can help to banish boredom.

Cut down on workout time

It’s easy to lose interest in a lengthy workout. High-intensity workouts can streamline exercise to 30 minutes or less and produce the same results as longer, less intense regimens. High intensity interval training, or HIIT, is a popular regimen that pairs bursts of maximum-output moves with short recoveries to streamline efforts.

Bring a friend along

A buddy to exercise alongside can make a regimen fun even if you’ve done the same things over and over. Plus, a healthy dose of lighthearted competition may motivate you to keep going.

Change small components

Apart from preventing boredom, changes to a routine also benefit your body. If exercise regimens are never altered, and you keep doing the same number of reps and sets, your body can adapt to these workouts and make it difficult to break plateaus. Lack of variation also may decrease focus, which can make it hard to achieve your fitness goals. A consultation with a personal trainer can help you adapt your routine or find an entirely new one.

Altering a workout regimen from time to time can help people overcome stale routines.

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