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Ticks spread Lyme disease

Ticks spread Lyme disease to people and other animals. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that, in humans, untreated Lyme disease can create an array of symptoms, depending on the stage of infection.

Anyone who has spent time outdoors should be aware of the potential symptoms, which can include fever, rash (classic erethema migrans rash, also called “bull’s-eye rash”), facial paralysis, and arthritis. Some people with later stage Lyme disease may have rashes on other areas of their bodies; intermittent pain in tendons, muscles and bones; and experience heart palpitations. states that not every person suffering from Lyme disease will develop the same symptoms. The distinctive rash occurs in less than 10 percent of those who contact Lyme. If a tick bite is verified, promptly contact a physician.

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