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Miracles on demand: Professional guided hypnosis works

Every normal person is born with a natural capacity to be hypnotized. Children are easily hypnotized, yet as they grow and learn they often acquire learned and untrue beliefs in limitations. Fear hypnotizes people to do things and believe things that simply are not true. Your body does not know the difference between truth and imagination. Notice when you wake from a nightmare your body is stressed, your heart is racing and then you realize you are not really being chased by the monsters but are rather safe in your bed. Your heart rate slows down.

Misconceptions about hypnosis are accepted into our belief system by stupid movies portraying evil hypnotists making people do things against their will, comic strips, novels and cartoons, and the resulting fear limits many if not most adults’ willingness to use their natural ability to help themselves.

There is no real “legal” definition of hypnosis. Dictionaries describe it more correctly as artificially induced sleep, but it is actually a natural state of mind and induced normally in everyday living much more often than it is induced artificially. Every time we become engrossed in a movie or novel we are in a natural hypnotic trance.
Hypnosis is a natural state of mind with several special characteristics:

It is an extraordinary quality of mental, physical and emotional relaxation.

A partial absence of the inhibitory process, a state in which most suggestions are not inhibited by other not useful to get goals/suggestions.

Deeper levels of the mind become highly responsive to suggestion and direction to get a desired outcome.

In the lighter stages of hypnosis, the client has emotional desire to satisfy suggested behavior to get the goal previously hard to achieve.

Hypnosis is not any of the usual states of mind we have been taught to recognize. There are actually four states: waking (analyze and reason), sleep (subconscious mind rambles and dreams), unconsciousness (much more intense than sleep) and hypnosis, in which the mind is focused on one thought or idea at a time.

Imagine what happened for tens of thousands of clients who broke bad habits, patterns and beliefs that had previously been in the way to get desired outcomes. For most it is life changing; from quitting bad habits like tobacco, losing weight and keeping it off with not dieting, managing chronic pain, reducing stress, gaining confidence and deleting procrastination… and more.

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